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October Breast Cancer Awareness T Shirt Sales

These staff designed shirts are being worn in place of our uniform shirts during the month of October to help raise awareness for a cause that is near and dear to many of us. We also have them available for purchase. If you would like more information, or to purchase your shirt, follow the link below. We do have shipping available but if you live in West Deer Township we can deliver it to you.

West Deer EMS T Shirt Fundraiser Page

West Deer EMS T Shirt Fundraiser

The staff at West Deer EMS came up with a unique option to help fundraise for special projects. The staff picked months that were important to them and decided to design T Shirts to sell. The shirts can be picked up, shipped, or even delivered within West Deer Township.

Click Here for More information

2023-2024 Subscription Drive Underway

The 2023-2024 Subscription drive was mailed in early June 2023. The new subscription drive will cover residents from September 1, 2023 through August 31, 2024.

If you have any questions please feel free to call 724-265-4750 option 5

Your paid subscription will help us continue to protect you and your loved ones – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your paid subscription is vitally important in helping West Deer EMS. As the cost to operate a business increases, the reimbursement that we receive from health insurers has decreased. It also helps to keep up with the ever-increasing costs of buying ambulances, sophisticated life-saving medical equipment and training for our dedicated personnel.

Click here to complete our online subscription application.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Your paid subscription can also save you hundreds of dollars as it provides you with a 50% discount off any out-of-pocket expenses related to emergency ambulance service
provided by West Deer EMS.

Protect yourself and your family today! $.14 per day for individuals and $.21 per day for families is a small price to pay to save hundreds of dollars if you need emergency ambulance service.

North Hills map for subscription - 2010

West Deer EMS is a member of the North East Ambulance Alliance (NEAA). We maintain reciprocal agreements with all active members. Should you become ill or injured in any of the communities shown on the map and require medically necessary emergency ambulance service, your West Deer EMS subscription will be honored. Call us for a full list of communities or participating ambulance services.

Support your local emergency medical service!

Click here to complete our online subscription application.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Your West Deer EMS Subscription also gives you some coverage when visiting other communities. Take a look at the map to see what communities may honor your subscription.

Click here to view our complete brochure with frequently asked questions.

NEW! Online Bill Pay!

OnlineBillPayYou can now pay your West Deer EMS Bill online. You can also use this to view your balance and make payments. You will be directed to our online bill payment company.

CPR Training

Why learn CPR?

Four out of five cardiac arrests happen at home. Statistically speaking, the life you save by administering CPR is likely to be someone you know: a child, a spouse, a parent, or a friend. You can prepare yourself to act in an emergency by attending a community CPR class. Classes can be schedule for groups 7 days a week, in the morning, afternoon or evening. Classes can be held at our new and updated training center located at our station or we can come to you.


For further information, please contact Kevin Hendrick Education Coordinator, at                724-265-4750 x21. You can also email him at [email protected].

To Learn Hands only CPR follow the link:


EMS Envelope of Life

West Deer EMS visited the residents of West Deer Manor to assist them with completing the Envelope of Life forms. During an emergency, there are times when patients are unable to speak or think clearly impeding the emergency responder’s efforts to help them. The lack of information may waste valuable time. The Envelope of Life is an easy-to-complete form that provides life-saving information to emergency responders.

The completed, brightly colored form is placed in a location easily identifiable to EMS personnel, most commonly on the refrigerator door.

Anyone wishing to obtain an Envelope of Life form can stop at the ambulance base or contact the EMS office at 724-265-3033.

This program is the start of our “Staying Well Together” initiative which will assist our medically vulnerable residents in the prevention of illness or injury.

Mock Accident for Deer Lakes High School

Staff from West Deer EMS, along with members of West Deer Volunteer Fire Departments and West Deer Police, participated in the annual prom promise program.

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West Deer EMS News

BLDGWe have a lot happening here at West Deer EMS. Please be sure to visit often to find out what is going on.