Record Request

To comply with applicable laws, requests for medical records must be made in writing. The Medical Records Department maintains medical patient data in a secure manner, allowing release only to recognized entities with legal right to review the contents. If you are calling on behalf of a patient, please know that our staff is only allowed to discuss patient information with you upon receipt of an authorization from the patient.

Completed requests for medical records will be mailed to the requesting party. Medical records are retained for a minimum of seven years.

If you have a Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions, attach a copy to the completed authorization.

If you are a parent of a child less than 18 years old, the parent must complete the authorization form. If the son or daughter is 18 years old or older, they must complete the authorization form.

To request a copy of a medical record, complete the Medical Record Request form and submit the form via ChartSwap. We have partnered with ChartSwap, a web utility that allows us to exchange billing documents, affidavits, etc. via a secure internet connection. Using ChartSwap will make the request process fast, reliable and secure. You may access an existing account or create a new account at ChartSwap.


We understand in some cases original copies of an affidavit or deposition are required. For any document that requires a notarial citation, you may choose delivery by mail.

Before we process your request, the requestor will receive an invoice. Fees are based on the complexity of the request and individual state law. Upon electronically receiving the invoice, you may pay on the ChartSwap website with credit card or e-check. As an additional option, you may mail a check to us. Both options are fine, and the instructions for mailing a check are printed on the invoice. Note: patients will continue to receive one copy of their medical records at no cost.

We are required by state law to respond to your request in an appropriate amount of time. You will receive an expected completion date upon the submission of your request; however, we strive to complete all requests within 7 business days of receipt. Considering the type of sensitive data we are providing, each request requires careful processing. For that reason, we ask you please refrain from inquiring for a status prior to the due date of the request.

For additional information, please contact the administration office at 724-265-4750, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time.